ezTalks Meetings include Starter plan, Professional plan and Enterprise plan, which you can get to know more features from the official webiste:

Here we are going to talk about the main differences between the Starter plan and the Professional plan.


The Starter plan is totally free. Once you sign up an ezTalks account, you are authorized with the free Starter plan.

The Professional plan is $12.99 per host/month, which you can subscribe by month or by year. The prices are different based on the number of participants as below:

Duration of a meeting

With the Starter plan, you can have unlimited number of meeting every day. Though the duration is limited to 40 minutes for each session, you can instantly start a new meeting for another 40 minutes.

With the Professional plan, there is no limit of duration nor the number of the meetings. You can have unlimited meeting duration for all meeting sizes.

In a word, if your meeting is longer than 40 minutes, it is recommended to update to the Professional plan.

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