There are different ways to join a meeting without downloading the software.

    1. Join with the Meeting ID
   2. Join from an invitation email
   3. Join from an invitation link
   4. Join by telephone call-in

Case 1 Join with the meeting ID

1. The ezTalks meeting ID is a 8-digit number. You can directly go to the ezTalks official website and click on Join a Meeting. It is recommended to use google chrome to join a web meeting. Please check the gif below:

Note: if it keeps asking to download the flash, please make sure your web browser has activated the flash. 

Joining from the web browser allows you to watch the video, listen to the presenter and send text chat. You cannot share your own video nor talk during the meeting. If you need to talk, please learn how to join an Interactive Meeting.

Case 2 Join from an invitation email

If the host invites you to attend a meeting via email, you can simply click on the button in the email which will link you to the web browser to join the meeting.

Case 3 Join from a link

If the host invites you to attend a meeting by sending a link, you can click on the link to join a meeting:

Case 4 Join by telephone call-in

You can also join a meeting by calling a telephone number

Dial a number that provided by ezTalks, and enter the meeting ID from the host, you can quickly join an audio conference. 

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