Below are the steps to install the ezTalks Onion:

Step one  Connect the Onion to a TV with a HDMI cable.

Step two  Plug in the power cable and power on the Onion.

Step three   Download the ezTalks app.

You can download the ezTalks app to your Android phone, iPhone/iPad, Windows or Mac computer.

Note: if you need to connect the Onion to the wifi network, you need to use a mobile device to configure the wifi connection.
If you only need to connect the Onion via the Ethernet connection, it is not necessary to use a mobile device. You can directly plug an ethernet cable to the Onion and the Onion will automatically obtain an IP address from your router.

Step four   Add the Onion to your ezTalks app 

You can add Onion to your app via two options:

1)  Sign in an ezTalks account on the app ( to host/join a meeting with Onion)

2)  Add Onion without signing in ( to join a meeting with Onion on your mobile device)

Note: if you sign in an ezTalks account to add the Onion, the account will be bond with the Onion, which means you can sign in the account on any other device to host/join a meeting with the Onion.

Now learn how to add Onion to your ezTalks app in details.

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