Here is a guide about how to use the ezTalks webinar platform.

Step 1  Sign in the ezTalks user center page. If you do not have an account yet, please sign up an ezTalks account.

Step 2 Go to the Webinar option on the left menu and click on Schedule a Webinar.

There are four parts to schedule a webinar: Details, Waiting Rooms, Registration and Thank you page.


  • Make a Topic
  • Select a Webinar Type: live webinar, automated webinar or on-demand webinar. Learn how to set up an automated webinar or how to set up an on-demand webinar.
  • Select the Starting Time and Time Zone
  • Turn on the Registration if you need to collect some information of your participants. In this case, they need to register before joining or turn it off so that they can join without registration directly. 
  • Turn on the Registrant Limit if you want limited number of registrants.
  • Turn on Payment feature so that you can charge a fee to register for your webinar. Learn how to set up a paid webinar in details.
  • Choose Live Streaming type: ezTalks Live, Facebook Live or YouTube Live according to your needs. Learn how to Stream an ezTalks Webinar on Facebook Live or how to Stream an ezTalks Webinar on YouTube?
  • Select auto-recording to cloud, which means the webinar will be automatically record when it is started.
  • Send Reminder Emails to participants and panelists before event if needed. You can also choose the reminder time, like 15 minutes before the event etc. 
  • Set Chat permissions, such as allowing group chat or private chat according to your needs.
  • Select Default Page or Custom Page. When the webinar ends, it will automatically redirect attendees to the page you have set up.


  • Upload your own cover for the waiting room
  • Make an agenda


  • Upload your own logo
  • Select the fields for the participants to register


  • Select Default page. When someone registers, it will automatically redirect registrants to the default page.
  • Or select custom page. You can custom the page by entering a URL.

Step 3 After completing all the information, you can preview, save or publish the webinar directly. Click on "Back to List" and you can find the scheduled webinar on the My Webinars page.

Once the webinar published successfully, you can invite the attendees to join your webinar.

Or you can click on "Back to List" and find it on My Webinar page, then you can see Copy the Registration URL or Invite Panelist/Participants:

Please note:
 Panelist is the one who can make presentation in your webinar while participant is view-only audience.

Step 1 On My Webinar page, right click on the scheduled webinar or click on the three-dots icon, then click on Start. This will open the ezTalks launcher to redirect you to the ezTalks app. 

If you haven’t installed the ezTalks app it will download and install the app first. You can also go to the ezTalks website and find the download center at the very bottom of the page, download and install the ezTalks app based on the device you are using.

Step 2 Test the audio and video 

Test Mic and Speaker to see if they work well. 

Click on Video, and check if the camera works well. You can also change the video settings in this page.

If you have turned on both the video and audio. Make sure the icon on the left corner is blue.

Step 3 When you are in the webinar, you can control the webinar room as below:

  • Video: Turn the audio on/off. Change the video settings.
  • Audio: Turn the audio on/off. Change the audio settings.
  • Share: Share the Desktop/Whiteboard.
  • Chat: Send text messages to your participants. 
  • Participants: Manage your participants in the webinar, such mute/unmute, kick out, make presenter etc. Learn different roles in a webinar. Please note: only when the attendees join via app can they show in the participant list.
  • Cloud Recording: You can record your webinar and it will be saved to the ezTalks cloud server.
  • Move to room: use the ezTalks Room service to host the webinar
  • Change View: Select Fullscreen or Picture in Picture
  • More: You can find Webinar info. live support and Help there.

Step 4. End the Webinar

If you have recorded the webinar, you can find the recording the file on the Storage page.

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