A panelist is a guest speaker of a webinar, who has the ability to talk and turn on/off his video in a webinar. The panelist needs to install the ezTalks app and join a webinar via the app. If he joins from the web browser only, he can only watch the webinar as a view-only participant.

Here we listed a few questions about how to add panelist.

1. How to invite panelist?

Step 1: When you schedule a webinar and Publish it, you can see Invite Panelist as below:

Alternatively, you can go to My Webinar list and right click on the Webinar you have scheduled, then go to Invite--Panelist:

2. Can I set panelist during the Webinar?

Yes you can set panelist during the webinar if the registration is on. Once someone has registered for your webinar, you can set him as panelist or participant. Here are the steps:

Step 1: On the My Webinar page, click on the number of the Registrants and you can see all the participants who have registered. 

   Step 2: Right click on one of the registrants, and you can set him as Panelist and there will be a little blue icon next to him. 

Please check the gif below:

Note: If Host hold a webinar without registration, Host can click number of invitations On the My Webinar page and right click participants email to authorize them to be panelist.

3. What controls does a panelist have?

The panelist can join the webinar via the ezTalks app and you will see the controls on the bottom of the screen.

  • Mute/Unmute: This allows you to mute and unmute your microphone.
  • Audio Controls (via the ^ arrow next to mute/unmute): The audio controls allow you to change the microphone and speaker that ezTalks is currently using on your computer.
  • Start/Stop Video: This allows you to start and stop your own video.
  • Participants: This opens up the Participants window. 
  • Chat: Access the chat window to chat with the host, the other panelists or all attendees. 
  • Move to room: If you have already purchased ezTalks hardware this feature can allow you call hardware in.
  • More: Clicking on More will give you access to additional options.
  • Leave: Click this to leave the webinar. Only the host can end the webinar.

Note: if a panelist needs to share screen in a webinar, he can apply to be the presenter.

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