ezTalks supports to set up a paid webinar. You can charge your audience a fee to register for your webinar. Here is an article about how to schedule a paid webinar.

Step 1  Sign in your ezTalks account from the user center.

Step 2  Go to Webinar-Schedule a Webinar and you can select Paid as below:

Step 3  Add your PayPal account and input the price and currency.

Step 4  Continue to finish the other sections of Waiting Room, Registration and Thank You Page. You can refer to the Quick Start Guide to schedule a webinar.

Step 5 After you publish the webinar, you can send the registration link to your participants and they will see a page requiring to pay:

Once the participants pay, the registration is finished as well. They will receive a confirmation email with the guide of how to join the webinar.

Step 6 You can go to the scheduled webinar page and click on the Registrants number as below:

On the Registrants page, you can see how many people have registered for your webinar and the payment status is Success or Pending as below:

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