There are three roles in a meeting: host, presenter and participant. Below is the introduction of three roles.

1. The host

The host is someone who schedules a meeting, invites attendees, starts a meeting and controls the meeting. The host must be an ezTalks registered user.  

The host is able to manage the meeting and attendees. Please click hereto get more information about what the host can do in a meeting.

2. The presenter

The presenter is the one who makes a presentation in a meeting. The presenter is able to share screen, whiteboard and mute all participants during a meeting.

In default, the host who starts the meeting is the presenter.  

 If a participant wants to be the presenter, he can apply from the host. And the host can make the participant as the presenter with or without the applying request from participants at any time during the meeting.

3. The participant

The participants can interact with the host through the video, audio or text chat. If there were only two participants during the meeting, he/she could just share screen or whiteboard without applying to be the presenter. Otherwise, he needs to apply to be the presenter.

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