Both ezTalks Meetings and Webinar services support cloud recording, which is available on both ezTalks desktop and mobile apps. It allows you to record your meeting/webinar on cloud and directly share the recording link to others. 

Questions 1  How do I choose recording on cloud?

After you start a meeting/webinar, you can see the recording icon on the bottom of the window. You can choose either Local or Cloud recording:

On mobile app, it only supports cloud recording. After you start a meeting, please refer to the screenshot as below to choose Cloud Recording:

Question 2  How do I view the recording files?

When finish recording, there will be a notification which allows you to open folder directly:

Alternatively, you can log into your account and navigate to the Storage page to find the recording files.

Question 3  How do I share the recording files to others?

You can log in your account and go to the Storage page to get the sharing link as below:

Question 4 What is the format of the recording file?

The format of the recording files is MP4.

ezTalks also offers a second recording option, Local Recording. Local recording saves the recording files to your computer. 

Learn more about local recording.

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