ezTalks Webinar has host controls as below:

  • Set a participant as panelist
  • Set a participant as presenter
  • Mute all participants
  • Remove a participant
  • Enable and disable annotation

1. How to assign a panelist?

The panelist is assigned by the host. Once the participant has registered the webinar, the host can set him/her as the panelist:

   Step 1: on the My Webinar, page, click on the number of the Registrants and you can see all the participants who have registered. 

   Step 2: Right click on one of the registrants, and you can set him as Panelist and there will be a little blue icon next to him. Please check the gif below:

2. How to assign a presenter?

The presenter is assigned by the host. After the host makes one registrant as a panelist, The host can make him/her as the presenter on the windows app as below:

Alternatively the panelist can apply to be the presenter .

3. How to mute all participants?

Click on the participants option, you can Mute and Unmute All:

4. How to remove a participant?

Click on the participants option--->right click one of the participants--->choose Remove:

5. How to enable and disable annotation?

Click on the participant option and you cal disable or enable annotation:

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