There are two ways to join a webinar:

This article is about how to join a webinar from the web browser.

Step 1. When the host invites you to join the webinar, you will receive an invitation email or a registration link as below:

Step 2. Click the registration link to complete your info. If it it not required to regitser, you can directly click on the link to join the webinar.

Step 3. After registering for the webinar, you will receive a webinar confirmation email, which includes the joining link and invitation code:

Step 4. You can click the webinar link to join the webinar upon the scheduled time.

If you forget the webinar link or invitation code, you can register the webinar again or contact the host to resend you the joining details

As a participant, you can only view and text chat in a webinar. If you need to interact with video/audio, you can join as a panelist.

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