ezTalks provides video conferencing service with HD video, audio and screen sharing across Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and ezTalks Rooms. This article covers the steps of how to use ezTalks on desktop. Learn getting started on mobile devices.

Step 1. Sign in your ezTalks account

To sign in, go to https://uc.eztalks.com/ and sign in with your existing ezTalks account. You can also use your Google or Facebook account to sign in. 

If you do not have an account with ezTalks, you can select "Sign Up" to create a new ezTalks account.

Step 2. Find the ezTalks app

Once you have signed up or logged in, click on Host a Meeting, the desktop app will auto-download. Alternatively, you can click on the download center from: https://www.eztalks.com/download.

For iOS, visit the Apple App Store and search "ezTalks Video Meetings"

For Android, visit Google Play and search "ezTalks Video Meetings"

Step 3. To start

After you launch the ezTalks app, you have two options. You can select "Join a Meeting" or "Sign In."If you just want to join an on-going meeting, click on "Join a meeting". If you would like to log in and start or schedule your own meeting, click on "Sign In".

Step 4 Learn about the Home page

After you sign in, you can see the home page of the app as below:

On the ezTalks Home page, you can:

  • Start an instant meeting
  • Schedule a future meeting and invite your attendees¬†
  • Join an on-going meeting
  • Add contacts

Step 5 Learn about the Meetings page

Click on the second icon on the bottom and you can find the Meetings page:

On the Meetings page, you can:

  • On the Upcoming list, you can start or edit your pre-scheduled meetings, invite attendees and check the meeting details.
  • On the History list, you can check your history meeting details, and restart a history meeting.
  • On the Recurring list, you can start a recurring meeting.

Step 6 Learn about the Messages page

Click on the third icon on the bottom and you can find the Messages page where you can chat with your contacts:

Step 7 Learn about the Contacts page

Click on the fourth icon on the bottom and you can find the Contacts page:

On the Contacts page, you can:

  • Add a contact by entering the email address
  • Import your Google or Outlook contacts
  • Start a video call with your contact
  • Send an IM to your contact

Next Step: Learn the features thet ezTalks provides during a meeting.

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