This article is about how to do troubleshooting if you fail to join a meeting from the web browser.

Case 1: when you join the meeting via web browser, it shows "have not installed flash player"

You need to install the flash player in order to stream video. If you have installed the flash but it still show the same error, please activate the flash on the web browser.

Alternatively, you can switch to join Interctive Meeting, which allows to you video talk and watch the sharing screen from others.

Case 2: when you join the meeting by Interactive Meeting, it shows launching all the time and nothing happens.

The message above means the ezTalks-Launcher is not opened. Please make sure you have clicked on Open ezTalks-launcher as below:

Case 3: when you join the meeting by Interactive Meeting, it stuck on we are setting up your meeting:

If you have the message as above, you can go to the download center, manually download the app and install it first. Then please refer to the article of how to join Interctive Meeting.

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