This article is about how to schedule a recurring meeting on the Windows and Mac apps. This feature is also available on iOS and Android app. This feature is useful when you have a regular meeting based on the same circle.

Here is the GIF about how to schedule a recurring meeting.

You can also check it step by step.

Step 1  Sign in the ezTalks app on your computer and click on the "+" icon on the left of the Meetings dashboard page, you will find the option to Schedule a meeting.

Step 2  Click on the Recurring Meeting to turn it on.

Step 3  Then you can change the Frequency of the recurring based on Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly:

Step 4  Then go back to the Schedule a Meeting page and check the recurring summary.

Step 5  Save the settings and you can see the meeting listed on the Recurring page:

Note: if you do not schedule a recurring meeting, but you want to restart a meeting with the same meeting ID, please click here to check how to restart a meeting.

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