ezTalks Meetings software allows you to share a file or an application during a meeting. 

Here is the instruction of how to share a powerpoint to your attendess. Learn how to share a video during a meeting.

1. Start a meeting and click on the sharing icon on the bottom of the video screen. Then click on Share Desktop:

Please note: it is recommended to prepare your presentation first and have it opened on your computer, then click on Share Desktop, so that your attendees will only see the powerpoint instead of a bunch of files on your desktop.

2. After you click on Share Desktop, you and your attendees will see the screen as below. 

3. If you want to share the presentation and see your attendees' video at the same time, you can click on the video icon as below. There are three options: 

  • minimize all the videos
  • show your own video
  •  show you and your attendees' videos         

4. If you need to stop sharing, click on the red button on the top of the screen as below:

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