Case 1.  on the user center website
Case 2.  on the PC app ( Windows and Mac)
Case 3.  on the Mobile APP (Andriod and iOS)

Below are the steps of how to schedule a meeting from different platforms.

Case 1  Schedule a meeting from the user center page

1. Log in your dashboard with your ezTalks account.

2. Click on Meetings--Schedule a Meeting on the top bar and input the details of the meeting:

3. Then the scheduled meeting is listed in the Upcoming Meetings page where you can start it or invite attendees. 

Case 2  Schedule a meeting from the desktop app (Windows and Mac)

  1. If you have already installed the ezTalks app, you can directly use the app to schedule a meeting. Sign in your ezTalks app and click on schedule a meeting, you can choose the time, duration, time zone and enable recurring meetings. After you schedule the meeting, you can invite your attendees in different ways:

Case 3  Schedule a meeting from the Mobile APP (Andriod and iOS)

  1. Click on the ezTalks icon on your mobile device and on the Meetings tab, click the ✚ icon as below:

2. Click on Schedule a meeting, input the topic and select the  time and time zone, and then press Save

3. Once you schedule the meeting, you can see the meeting ID, topic and time. And you can click the menu icon and invite participant as below:

4. You can invite from your Contacts, Email, SMS, Twitter. And you can also copy the meeting info or copy the link and share it to your participants.

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