ezTalks allows you to start an instant a meeting or schedule a future meeting. This article is about how to start an instant meeting.

There are different ways to start a meeting:

  1. From the user center website
  2. From the desktop app ( Windows and Mac)
  3. From the mobile app ( Android and iOS)

Case one  Start a meeting from the user center

1. Sign up an ezTalks account and you can directly start a meeting from the user center page. It will ask you to download the app at the very first time. Please check the gif as below:

Note: Once you have installed the software at the first time, you can start a meeting by directly opening the ezTalks launcher the next time:

Case Two Start a meeting from the desktop app

1. If you have already installed the ezTalks software on your computer, you can open the ezTalks app and directly start a meeting from the app:

Please note: If you have not registered an ezTalks account yet, please click sign up here with your email address or directly sign in with your Facebook or Google account.

Case Three  Start a meeting from the mobile app

  1. Sign in your ezTalks account on your Android or iOS app. Click on the "+" button on the Meetings page and you can start a video meeting or audio meeting as below:

2. Then you will see the video screen. You can switch your camera, turn on/off the video, turn/off the audio, share screen or share whiteboard, have private & public chat and manage participants.

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